sábado, 3 de junho de 2017

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Rock In Rio Lisboa (2006)

Neste mesmo dia, no ano de 2006, O Red Hot Chili Peppers realizou uma magnífico show no Rock In Rio Lisboa no Parque da Boa Vista em Lisboa, Portugal. O show foi em turnê mundial do álbum "Stadium Arcadium".

1. Can’t Stop
2. Dani California
3. Scar Tissue
4. Charlie
5. Otherside
6. Tell Me Baby
7. How Deep is Your Love (Bee Gees Cover, John Frusciante solo)
8. Throw Away Your Television + Don’t You Ever Leave
9. Snow (Hey Oh)
10. Me and My Friends
11. Stadium Arcadium
12. Right on Time
13. Don’t Forget Me
14. 21st Century
15. Californication
16. By the Way
18. Chad Drum + part of "Tonight, I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight" (Spinal Tap)
19. Under The Bridge
20. You're Gonna Get Yours / Give It Away


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