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Red Hot Chili Peppers & Josh Klinghoffer - Teases (Full Version)

O canal RHCPtv5 no YouTube publicou um vídeo com uma compilação de Teases realizados pelo Red Hot Chili Peppers e Josh Klinghoffer durante a turnê I'm With You em 2011,2012 e 2013.

Lista de músicas no vídeo:

No Chump Love Sucker - Birmingham, England, 20th November 2011
Get Up And Jump - Tampa, FL, USA, 29th March 2012
Magic Johnson - Auckland, NZ, 15th January 2013
Sikamakanico - Milwaukee, WI, USA, 1st November 2012
Hollywood (Africa) - Johannesburg, South Africa, 2nd February 2013
Good Time Boys - Adelaide, Australia, 25th January 2013
Love Of Your Life - San Antonio, TX, USA, 29th September 2012
Quixoticelixer - Kiev, Ukraine, 25th July 2012
Long Progression - Gold Coast, Australia, 20th January 2013
Pink As Floyd - Los Angeles, CA, USA, 11th August 2012
Strange Man - Los Angeles, CA, USA, 12th August 2012
The Zephyr Song - Oakland, CA, USA, 14th August 2012
Stadium Arcadium - St. Petersburg, Russia, 20th July 2012
Road Trippin' - Zagreb, Croatia, 29th August 2012
Magpies on Fire - Bucharest, Romania, 31st August 2012
My Friends - Kansas City, MI, USA, 27th October 2012
Dosed - Athens, Greece, 4th September 2012
My Lovely Man - Tel Aviv, Israel, 10th September 2012
The Sunset Sleeps - Tallinn, Estonia, 30th July 2012
Renaisance - Beirut, Lebanon, 6th September 2012
Behind The Sun - Tel Aviv, Israel, 10th September 2012
Gong Li - Sofia, Bulgaria, 1st September 2012
Funky Crime - Dallas, TX, USA, 2nd October 2012
I Could Die For You - Johannesburg, South Africa, 2nd February 2013
Fortune Faded - Cape Town, South Africa, 5th February 2013
Inhibition (Dot Hacker) - Prague, Czech Republic, 27th August 2012
Quotes (Dot Hacker) - San Diego, CA, USA, 23rd September 2012
Apache Rose Peacock - New Orleans, LA, USA, 4th October 2012
In Love Dying - Grand Rapids, MI, USA, 26th May 2012

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