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Red Hot Chili Peppers - Huntridge Theater - Las Vegas 1998 (One Hot Weekend - Both Days)

Nos dias 05 e 06 de setembro de 1998, o Red Hot Chili Peppers realizou dois shows em Nevada, Las Vegas. Ambos os shows foram no Huntridge Theater.

Set list dos dois dias de shows:

Dia I  (05/09/1998)

1. I Like Dirt
2. Under The Bridge
3. Backwoods
4. Bunker Hill
5. If You Have To Ask
6. I Want You Back (The Jackson 5 cover)
7. Fat Man (Fats Domino cover)
8. Blackeyed Blonde
9. Emit Remmus
10. I Could Have Lied
11. Give It Away
12. Tiny Dancer (Elton John) John Frusciante
13. Scar Tisse
14. Me and My Friends
15. Pea - Flea

Dia II (06/09/1998)

1. I Like Dirt
2. Funky Crime
3. Under The Bridge
4. Bunker Hill
5.If You Have To Ask
6. I Want You Back (Jackson 5)
7. Nobody Weird Like Me
8. Emit Remmus
9. Fat Man
10. Long Division (Fugazi Cover)
11. Give It Away
12. Your Song (Elton John) John Frusciante
13. Scar Tissue
14. Love Trilogy
15. Pea - Flea
16. Soul To Squeeze
17. Me And My Friends
18. Yertle The Turtle
19. Freaky Styley
20. Cosmic Slop (Funkadelic)
21. Atomic Dog (George Clinton cover)
22. Funky Monks Jam
23. Up on the Sun (Meat Puppets cover)
24. Search And Destroy (Iggy & The Stooges cover) 

I Could Have Lied

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