domingo, 7 de dezembro de 2014

Dot Hacker - Somersault (letra da música)

O guitarrista do Red Hot Chili Peppers, Josh Klinghoffer, seguiu firme e forte em seu projeto paralelo neste ano de 2014. Sua banda "Dot Hacker" atualmente lançou a segunda parte do novo álbum "How’s Your Process?" com o tema "Play".

Será postado aqui no blog todas as letras das músicas do novo álbum do grupo Dot Hacker (projeto paralelo de Josh Klinghoffer). A segunda letra de música será da faixa nº 2 "Somersault" do álbum "How's Your Process? (Play)".


Walking backwards on a ball
Why you praying
Fall down laughing
Into a world I thought I knew
You sure build a lot of walls
Busy playing god
For an audience that’s all gone on

You never saw the light of day
Down looking for your chance in hell
You wear that blind fold day in and day out

I might kill someone tonight
With my ego

You sold me out for not very much at all
It shouldn’t hurt if you’re curled up in a ball
I’d probably do the same to you

Watch me gathering
Watch me gather speed while I try not to collide

Gotta stop blurring the lines
Oh how do you find the time
Found your way into my day and night
It would hurt to slow down
Time is on nobody’s side
By side we’re all alone
Try to stop, drop and a roll
Hey passerby
There’s so much beauty in the unknown

Sold yourself out for nothing at all
Still hurts all curled up in a ball
Protection from the constant assault
Shoulders lowered and just fall

Somersault through life
Salt the ice
Assault is life
Sommersault through life

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